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Message from President
Teresa Poon
2017 National President
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong


“We believe that Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life!”

Welcome to Junior Chamber International Hong Kong!

Stepping into the 67th year of JCI Hong Kong, it’s a good time to re-focus on how we could develop more young leaders to create impact and do good things for our society. The platform that our beloved organization provides always trigger our members’ ingrained instinct to dream more, to learn more and to do more.

We have seen conflicts, endemic violence, ignorance, fear and social strife erode our value. Poverty and lack of opportunities for accommodation, job deprive people of their dignity, leaving them hopeless and incapable of pursuing the kind of life they may desire. 

The magnitude of these problems requires, more young people to work together in finding new solutions.
I believe, what Hong Kong needs as we grow towards the 21st century, is a positive understanding of the ability of young people to be a part of the solutions rather than (continually being viewed as) the source of the problem.

We proudly regard ourself as a true Active Citizen and we are ready to serve the people around us through 21 local chapters and 2,000 members with more than 400 projects in the year of 2017. We thank our sponsors by endeavoring to provide a better use of funding and resources for maximizing the impact of our project and idea.

We will collaborate with different partners for achieving our 2017 mission to “Run for Peace”, create “Changer Makers”, and fight root causes of Sustainable Development Goal to “End Poverty”.

With the unique international platform of JCI, we open another gateway for our young members to connect with the world including our commitment in participation in Asia Pacific Conference in Mongolia, European Conference in Switzerland, America Conference in Dominican Republic, Africa and Middle East Conference in Tunisia, SDG Forum in Japan, UN Global Summit in New York and World Congress in the Netherlands.

We believe in “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life”. While people of all sectors in the community may become the beneficiary as a result of our work in reflecting “Best Work of Life”, we know that the one who will benefit most will be ourselves, the JCI Hong Kong members.

In approaching my new role as National President of JCI Hong Kong, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all our members who supported me to such a privileged position. I look forward to my new duties with great enthusiasm.

Let’s impact others to dream more, to learn more and to do more.

Best Work of Life

Teresa Poon

2017 National President

JCI Hong Kong