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Sustainability: Breath Of Hong Kong



About JCI Hong Kong


Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK)(formerly named as “Hong Kong Junior Chamber”), inaugurated in 1950, is affiliated with the worldwide leadership development organization – The Junior Chamber International (JCI). JCI has a worldwide membership of over 200,000 and more than 100 countries around the world.


In Hong Kong, we have about 2,000 members representing a network of highly motivated and forward looking young men and women who are mostly entrepreneurs or executives from a wide range of trades and businesses. The active members are between the ages of 18-40 from 21 local chapters, who make full use of their leisure hours to work for the betterment of the community and themselves.


The purpose of Junior Chamber is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.


About Breath of Hong Kong

Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly today and even more tomorrow.

People are experiencing the significant impacts of climate change, which include changing weather patterns, rising sea level, and more extreme weather events. The greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate change and continue to rise.

Breath of Hong Kong is the flagship project of JCI Hong Kong on Sustainability in 2018.  We aim to raise public awareness of climate change and air pollution interacted, connect the community, industry and government to take action together, educate our future generation with to create sustainable impact and promote the concept of environmental protection to young people.


Part I

Breath of Hong Kong Conference: we will invite professionals to share their knowledge on air pollution and remedies with hundreds of secondary students.



Guest Speaker: Mr. Loong Tsz Wai                Guest Spaker: Mr. Lam Chiu Ying, SBS



Part II

Breath of Hong Kong Competition: we will invite secondary school students in Hong Kong to design proposals to improve the air quality of Hong Kong.  This competition will provide an opportunity for secondary students to get hands-on experience of research, analysis, proposal design, presentation and teamwork.




Date: 29/4/2018 (SUN):

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Venue: 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon (Chamber 1B)

Seminar 1: Current Situation of Air Pollution in Hong Kong and Government Actions

Current situation and trend of air Pollution in Hong Kong

~What the air pollutants are and where they come from

~Government actions on air pollution

~Comments on government actions and what more can be done


Seminar 2: Adopting Solar and Wind Energy in Hong Kong

~The principles of electricity generation by solar and wind energy

~Applications of solar and wind energy in the world and their effects

~Latest development of solar and wind energy in the world e.g. solar panel on lakes, gigantic offshore wind turbines in Europe

~The economics of using solar and wind energy

~Prospect of adopting solar and wind energy in Hong Kong


Seminar 3: Electric Vehicles and Storage of Electricity

~Current situation of roadside air pollution in Hong Kong

~Latest development of electric vehicles including heavy vehicles e.g. trucks, buses and price trend

~Infrastructure to support electric vehicles of Hong Kong

~The technology to store electricity generated by renewable energy

~Applications of electricity storage facilities in the world e.g. Tesla Hornsdale Power Reserve in Australia


Q&A Session and Panel Discussion


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Mr. Freddy Tse, National Sustainability Director of JCI Hong Kong

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