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UN Affairs Workshop 101
The first UN Affairs Workshop was held on January 11, 2016 featuring our first hunger banquet. Over 50 participants were able to experience the differences in income groups and had a taste of inequality. Our NUNAD Jessica Lee managed the banquet dialogue and everyone had a fun time in this experiential simulation. Members were able to experience the unfairness of their income levels including having only half portions of food, gender inequality, and sitting on the floor with a basic meal versus having an elaborate place setting with many food choices.

Our lovely guest speaker Carol Yeung shared her experiences as the 2015 JCI United Nations Affairs and External Affairs Committee Member (Asia and the Pacific) and her visit to the UN Headquarters during the 2015 JCI Global Partnership Summit. She also updated us regarding the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and ways that we can implement them through JCI and our personal lives. We were all inspired to learn how we can work together to create a better future for our world.