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Message from Senate Chairman

Congratulations to the 2019 Board of Directors of JCI Hong Kong under the leadership of National President Senator Zenith and 21 affiliated Chapters on your inauguration!


In the busy days ahead of you, be sure to involve your Senators in the various activities. I am sure that they will continue to be a great asset to the organisation and resourceful mentors to your members.


As for our Senators, I encourage you to meet and chat with our active members regularly. See where you can offer assistance to them, be it financial, networking, advice or even just lending a sympathetic ear. Of course don't miss out on our Senate Gathering. I am sure you will enjoy every one of it!


Don't forget to nominate as Senators those who have contributed to your Chapter. Especially for those who have served continuously for numerous years. Our community welcome new blood who have consistently honoured JCI values and beliefs.


Keep Changing the World requires the concerted efforts of all members of our organisation to realise the momentum. Enjoy every bit of 2019 and at the same time create positive change!


Ronald Kan

Senate Chairman, National Immediate Past President

JCI Hong Kong