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Message from Senate Chairman

"Empowered Leaders Empower Leaders" is the theme of JCI Hong Kong this year.

With the tremendous contributions from past and present members of JCI Hong Kong, we have created a solid foundation for nurturing young leaders.


Senatorship is a form of a lifetime membership to honor members who dedicated their time, passion, resources, and wisdom. I would like to thank all the Senators for all your time, energy and advice to advance and support our beloved organization in the past 71 years.


In 2021, let us be empowered leaders to empower leaders and together, my team and I will continue the good works of the senate society and move forward to bring the senator network to be the most reliable back up to JCI Hong Kong.  Let’s create great moments together from hard times under the COVID-19 pandemic.


Taking this opportunity, I wish the Board of Directors every success in 2021 and beyond.


Maric Cheng

Senate Chairman

National Immediate Past President
Senate Number: 73823