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National Business Network



商務協進委員會(National Business Network)是隸屬國際青年商會香港總會其中之一個委員會,在商務發展方面商務協進委員會擔當起重要的角色。商務協進委員會連同其他本地及國內商會團體舉辦 各項活動,為青年商會會員提供一個商務網絡平台。這平台雲集了一班有衝勁、上進的青年商會會員,並憑著共同的信念:透過籌辦不同類型的工作計劃,讓會員從 實踐中學習,繼而提昇管理能力及經驗,訓練自己,成為青年領袖。


  • 提供青商會員及資深會員一個商務網絡的平台;
  • 作為一道橋樑聯繫青商會員及資深會員與其他本地商會團體;
  • 協助青商會員及資深會員拓展及擴闊其個人商務發展的網絡;
  • 協助總會接待國內企業家到港作商務探訪及觀摩;

1. Bring Your Own Business - BYOB

This year we lauch a new program called Bring Your Own Business - BYOB, through which you could know more about the business opportunity within JCIHK, promote your own business and find what business other member is doing. For more information, click here.

2. Business network gathering

We plan to organize business network gathering with different theme and inviting other NGO and outside business organization to join the event, you could get connected with members from within and outside JCIHK, exchange your business name card and have a fun relaxing night. For more information, click here.

3. Business Empowerment Network

This year NBN team establishs a new program “Business Empowerment Networking which provides opportunities for JCIHK members to introduce their businesses to other members, to help each others' business and to achieve business referrals / matching.