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Message from Chairman of National Training & Development Commission


It is my great honor to serve as the NTDC Chairman in 2018! NTDC was set up since 1992 with an aim to develop training packages catering the needs of JC and to develop qualified trainers within the organization. 

In this year, we planned the all-rounded strategies to develop the JCIHK training culture. Refer to the situational leadership model, we would like to use four different leading styles to help JCIHK members to develop trainers’ ASK (attitude, skills, knowledge): 

S1) Telling (specific guidance and close supervision): Trainers Mentorship Program 2018 will provide the basic training skills development training and directly guiding by mentors. 

S2) Selling (explaining and persuading): The Power Learning Path (PLP) Program is to create the roles (Recommended trainer) and objectives for members developing their JC knowledge and training skills. We “sell” our JC and trainer’s value to members in order to gain cooperation.

S3) Participating (sharing and facilitating): Different training programs as 5-star camp & Leadership academic or some training workshops give opportunities to new trainers participating in the training design process.

S4) Delegating (letting others do it): Trainers’ database is for storing the information of well-developed JCIHK trainers. It will let 21 JCIHK chapters be easy to find the suitable trainers. 

It's a delight and a privilege to be the part of this commission. I am proud of our passionate and seasoned panel of advisors, committee, and trainers. We are thankful to all trainers for supporting us to facilitate our members be Active Citizens. Thanks please enjoy and support NTDC!

Pong Yau 
2018 National Training and Development Commission Chairman
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong
Tel/Whatsapp: (852) 9215 4715; Email:pong.yau@jcihk.org