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JCI Official/Recommended Courses

All JCIHK Trainers (Mentors) have undergone training and accreditation requirements JCI (or JCI Training Institute). As they come from various professions and academic backgrounds, and at different levels of responsibility in the corporations they work for, the training program so designed or delivered could easily accommodate to your organization’s circumstances and the day-to-day challenges participants face.

Most of the training programs are interactive, both entertaining and educational, focusing on business skills, life skills or both. For example:

  • Chairmanship and Effective Meeting
  • Communication Skill
  • Creativity
  • Fund-raising and financial management for the Non-profits making organisation
  • Leadership and Team building
  • Mind Mapping
  • Motivation and Empowerment
  • Negotiation Skill
  • Orientation and induction program design
  • Personal Effectiveness: Goal setting & time management
  • Presentation Skill
  • Professional Image: Social Skills, Networking and Etiquette
  • Project Planning and management skills especially for the Non-profits making organization
  • Public Speaking and Master of Ceremony Training
  • Public Relations and Marketing especially for the Non-profits making organization
  • Stress Management
  • Train the trainers
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

Please note changes in JCI Official/Recommended Courses in 2021 as listed below:

** You can visit the JCI's new web site (link) for more details.

JCI Courses 課程名稱 Types 種類 ( according to JCI Description)  Suggested Purpose 建議用途  課程總結  Summary Remarks 備註 Recommended duration for online training (hrs) Recommended number of courses per year 建議全年舉辦次數 Recommendation on hosting per quarter 建議舉辦的季度 Courses held in 2021 今年已舉辦次數 2021
建議現場版所需時數(小時) Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
JCI Discover Foundational courses For basic understanding of JCI and membership retention This course is created to engage participants to understand why JCI exists as they focus on the core values and framework that drive the JCI Mission. It also explores the skills members can develop as leaders in the organization to create sustainable impact in a changing world. JCI Discover is a new course that combines the main aspects of JCI Achieve and JCI Impact.  = formerly CI Achieve + JCI Impact 3-4 8-12 Y Y Y Y  
JCI Explore Foundational courses For basic understanding of the role of board of directors   This is a course in progress to develop members’ communication, problem solving, and leadership skills. It will be recommended for members who want to understand the dynamics of Local Organization administration and management and for members who want to take up leadership roles in the organization at any level. The JCI Explore course will replace JCI Admin. = past JCI Admin **Course in Progress 3-4 4-6 Y Y Y Y  
JCI Adventure Foundational courses For basic understanding of JCI (to update when the course if officially launched) This is a course in progress that will enable members to use the leadership skills learned within the organization to amplify their skills in terms of business and entrepreneurship, personal development, international cooperation and community action around the world. **Course in Progress              
Engage, Empower, Grow Leadership courses For basic understanding of JCI and membership recruitment This is a course designed to help Local Organizations structure their recruitment process and create membership retention and management strategies that will lead to quality and sustainable membership within their Local Organization. Focus on Membership Retention 4-6 4-6 Y Y Y Y  
Effective Communication (Series): Leadership courses Management skills This is a 4 – part facilitation series that aims to provide a well-rounded understanding of communicating effectively       Y Y Y Y  
- Building a Foundation   2 1  
- Crafting Your Message   3 1  
- Message Delivery   3 1  
- Mastering Management   3 1  
Effective Leadership Leadership courses Management skills The Effective Leadership course defines the kind of effective leadership needed to address the local, national and global problems of 21st century society.   3 1   Y Y    
Effective Meetings Leadership courses Management skills The Effective Meetings course is created to empower Local Organizations to plan and conduct result-oriented meetings.   3 1   Y Y    
Project Management Leadership courses Management skills The Project Management Course is designed for members who want to expand their capabilities in running effective projects using the Active Citizen Framework.   3 1   Y Y    
Facilitator*** Leadership courses Training skills     16 2 Y Y Y    
Networking Advance courses Future skills  This is a course designed to enhance the facilitation skills of participants and provide them with the necessary techniques required to effectively spread the JCI message.    3 1     Y Y  
Presenter Advance courses Future skills  This is a course designed for members who want to grow their presentation skills in order to create better project reports and feel empowered to participate during local meetings.   8 1       Y  
Social Responsibility   For basic understanding of active citizenship     3            

Course Type :

Foundational courses: empower participants with the opportunity to learn more about JCI and also understand the role members play in their Local Organizations to support the JCI Mission. 

Leadership courses/management skills: are created to empower members to become effective leaders who will in turn create positive change in their communities and businesses.

Future skills: together with other JCIHK leadership development and digital workshops, future skills will be incorporated to enhance members with skills and knowledge needed to adapt to future challenges, while leading and strengthening their abilities to create a better future

Trainers' skills: to assist members in developing their training skills. 


For details, please contact National Leadership Development Director Winnie Chu  (Email: 

winnie.chu@jcihk.org, Mobile: 6801 1378) or National Training and Development Commission Chairman Dickson Lo (Email: dickson.lo@jcihk.org , Mobile: 9150 6412)