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Discovering Mongolia

Date: 2017-06-08

JCI Asia and Pacific Conference 2017
One of the most anticipated events for international affairs at JCI – Asia and the Pacific Conference (ASPAC) is coming again! The 2017 ASPAC will be held in the historical and beautiful city of Ulaanbaatar from 8-11 June 2017.
This is a truly exciting time as nearly 4,000 JCI members unite at the conferences to exchange ideas, learn how to maximize their local impact and collaborate with other National Organizations in their Area.
Members will be given the opportunity to address international issues and show their commitment to become social responsible leaders through attending various meetings and different set of training conducted by star speakers and trainers.
The international nights organized each evening have always been one of the highlights for ASPAC where National Organizations would showcase their culture, traditions and values. It is a great opportunity to develop fellowship.
During your stay in Ulaanbaatar, you will be introduced to the only survived nomadic culture in the world, and will carry back unforgettable memory which you will harvest from adventurous horse and camel trekking in the wilds and having a chance to watch 5 million stars in one glance!
On-to ASPAC team are excited to record over 200 early bird registration from JCI Hong Kong. The organizing committee has been working hard to ensure a memorable experience for all delegates. More program highlights, logistics arrangement and travelling tips will be shared with you in these coming 3 months to make sure you will not miss the best opportunities!
Let’s embark on a unique ASPAC experience in Mongolia!