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Sharpening Your People Skills

Date: 2017-02-07

“MA Arena” is a completely new series of seminars conducted by National Membership Team, with an aim to provide practical insights for all members of JCIHK affiliated chapters to gain knowledge and skills in membership management, including:
1) Retention & Engagement
2) Extension & Recruitment
3) Motivation & Commitment

What is the Secret to Retention
Member retention is always a priority concern in membership management. The first MA Arena, The Secret to Retention, has been successfully held on 16 December 2016 with the presence of Past President Nathan Wong from JCI Harbour as our speaker.
Practical Tips
Our speaker shared the function and what is at the heart of membership retention with some practical tips to 37 participants from various chapters. The most direct way he shared was eating together with members after a meeting or event. It not only can fresh up your mind after an intensive schedule, but also provide opportunities for members to bond, plan, connect and learn from one another through casual conversations. Small act makes huge impact. 
Participants also expressed their views and difficulties in member retention actively during the seminar under a joyful atmosphere. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities!
How to Recruit Quality Members
With over 40 JC members, the MA Arena II – Recruitment Tips of Quality Members, had been held on 7 February 2017. We were honoured to invite National Immediate Past President Brian Kwan as speaker to share his experience in recruitment and chapter management, one of the key elements that NEW quality members concern. 
Quality members are looking for the chapters offering development opportunities to create impact to the community, and the good projects and activities (e.g Monthly Fellowship Gathering). National Immediate Past President Brian emphasized that member-orientation and sense of belonging are vital. The chapters not only have to focus on developing prospective members, but also spending more time to communicate with the existing ordinary and senior members.
Similar opinions (member-orientation, serving to the community, sense of belongings) are discussed in Kanazawa Conference on 19 February 2017, presented by JCI Growth and Development Committee Chairman Alex Tio, which more than 10 countries of National Presidents and chief delegates attended.
Through intensive and comprehensive discussion, all participants gained valuable tips for member recruitment. Join our upcoming activities as you will enhance your skills on Membership area!