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Good Morning NP!

Date: 2017-02-11

Newly launched in 2017, Good Morning NP! is a valuable opportunity for our Prospective Members to know more about JCI from the top leader of JCIHK, National President (NP) Teresa Poon, organized by National Membership Team. Each chapter are eligible to nominate 1 prospective member to join.
The first Good Morning NP! breakfast gathering was launched on 11 February 2017, which is also the Chinese Lantern Festival. 18 Prospective Members were nominated by Chapter Presidents to spend a good morning with our National President in a delightful cafe. Questions were prepared by Prospective Members on matters they are interested to know. Most of them wanted to know how work-life balance can be achieved and National President Teresa shared her tips.

Tips from National President Teresa
Maintain Good Health – Only good health can help you meet the tight schedules and challenges ahead. 
Before it ends, National President Teresa gave certificates to all attendees in recognizing their attendance of this valuable event. The attendees also wrote a card to her in expressing their thankfulness. The event finished with loads of compliments by these the warm-hearted actions, making the Chinese Lantern Festival more meaningful.
Prospective Members, we are looking forward to seeing you in our next Good Morning NP!