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Unforgettable Experience in 2017 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference

Date: 2017-06-11

2017 ASPAC was successfully held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from 8 June to 11 June. Over 3,500 delegates from all over the world took part in ASPAC Mongolia this year. 230 JCI Hong Kong delegates enjoyed this fantastic conference and had a great time experiencing the Mongolian culture.

JCI Awards Ceremony
First of all, congratulations to JCI Hong Kong and our local chapters for getting 7 awards during the Awards Ceremony. The good result is a perfect demonstration of the determination of our members to step forward and become part of the leading global network of young active citizens.

We proudly present to you our Awardees:

JCI Hong Kong
Best National Growth and Development Program
JCI Peninsula
Best Local Peace Project
Most Outstanding Local Organization
JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes
Best Local Community Empowerment Program
JCI Lion Rock
Best Local Global Goals Project
JCI Dragon
Best Local Skill Development Program
JCI Apex
Best Inter Organization Collaboration Project
Debate and Public Speaking competitions

Besides awards, JCI Hong Kong also performed very well in both debate and public speaking competitions. One of JCI Hong Kong member enter the final round in public speaking competition and debating team got 1st runner up finally. Although JCI Hong Kong did not get the championship, our members have already got a rare opportunity to show their talents in front of all ASPAC delegates.

Contribution to JCI
JCI Hong Kong always got spotlight in ASPAC, one of the reason is we keep contributing JCI in different aspects. This year, we contributed a lot in both Foundation and Training area. About Foundation, we donated US$36,000 to JCI Foundation which is an ideal amount. And about training, we provided three experienced trainers, Maric Cheng and Ronald Kan and Yoee Leung. Participants enjoyed a valuable lesson and learned a lot while taking their training courses.

Hong Kong Night

"Future Hong Kong" was the theme of Hong Kong Night this year. All of our local chapters cooperated well and hosted 10 booths to present a beautiful picture of Hong Kong traditional culture for over 1,200 ASPAC delegates who visited Hong Kong Night. Some of the amazing booths included luminous body-paintings, traditional food, VR of Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, fortune telling, etc. We arranged DJs who played wonderful music and Mongolian dance performance. Everyone had a great party that night!

Foundation presentation

HK night booth

HK Night Group Photo

HK night OC  and ASPAC onto team

HK night_NOM

JCI Habour Booth

opening_group photo


public speaking

Twinning program

JCI President join NP dinner