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JCI Queensway
Lucy Jiang
JCI Queensway President
Chapter Website :  http://www.jciqueensway.org.hk
Year Of Establishment :  1984
Official Language :  English Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

JCI Queensway is one of the 21 local chapters of JCHK. It was formed, for the first time in the history of JCHK, by a group of prospective members with the assistance of a few senior members in 1984. JCI Queensway is a mixed chapter using English as the official language. Originally it is formed with the individuals from a variety of professions. It seeks to harness this diversity to create positive change. Over the years JCI Queensway has been actively involved in various projects with the aim of serving the community as well as providing training to its members. Now our aim targets at caring about the community, serving and rewarding the community. “Qcresendo”, originated from the musical term "crescendo", is our 2020 slogan. It means our goal to unleash our members’ potentials to their full range. We also pick two other contrasting musical terms as our theme: *“Concerto and Tutti”. The former means an orchestral piece that shows off the skillfulness of a soloist player. The later means the whole orchestra playing together. We believe that JCI Queensway is a solid training platform for individuals to display their leadership skills, while we also play hard to provide our members with our extensive support and opportunities. Let’s learn to be a future leader together!