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JCI Sha Tin
Sammi Fung
JCI Sha Tin President
Chapter Website :  http://jcishatin.org/
Year Of Establishment :  1987
Official Language :  English Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

Junior Chamber International Sha Tin was established in 1987. Being a non-profit organization of young active citizens, we provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. These young people are in turn committed to creating impact in the community. This year, our theme is HEARTS ON FIRE, STRIVE FOR BETTER! With this high spirit in mind, we hope each member can keep up the momentum to create positive changes to the society with strong passion and to pass on our glowing spirit like fire after the accomplishment of the 53rd JCI Hong Kong National Convention last year. We have designed a series of new and meaningful social projects in accordance with the society’s latest needs. Members are highly encouraged to take part in new projects to explore and to serve our chapter as well as the community with the best of their capabilities. Having our members’ unlimited support with their Hearts on Fire, I am confident that we can always unleash our potential and grasp different development opportunities to achieve.