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JCI Victoria
Mandy Lam
JCI Victoria President
Chapter Website :  http://www.vjc.org.hk
Year Of Establishment :  1950
Official Language :  English / Chinese Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

Since our establishment in 1950, JCI Victoria has been proactively creating projects and campaigns that address community needs, helping to raise awareness on important social issues and at the same time empowering young people to create positive change through the four areas of development, namely Individual, Business, Community and International. Over the past 68 years, JCI Victoria has successfully provided thousands of our young citizens with opportunities to polish leadership skills, foster social responsibility, motivate entrepreneurship and encourage fellowship amongst members. In 2019, JCI Victoria will continue to serve the society in particular through our 30th year of flagship project “Grandparents’ Day”; 13th year of “innoBrand”, and 5th year of “Chairman’s Club”. Apart from the project organizing experiences, members from JCI Victoria will also be able to participate in various overseas conferences and take part in a series of leadership development workshops to uplift their personal growth. “Your Journey, “V” Create” is JCI Victoria's slogan in 2019. We believe JCI Victoria can provide different fruitful opportunities to all our members and create their own unique journey. In 2019, we will continue to motivate our members to uphold the JCI Mission and Vision and nurture young active citizens to become future leaders through Jaycee movement, which aligns with the theme of JCI Hong Kong - “Keep Changing the World”.