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JCI Island
JCI Island President
Chapter Website :  http://www.jciisland.org.hk
Year Of Establishment :  1966
Official Language :  English Member Gender : Male

Background Of The Chapter :

Established in 1966, JCI Island has always been one of the active chapters of the JCI Hong Kong. JCI Island has pioneered many large scale projects in various spheres of commission activities towards the betterment of community of Hong Kong and the elevation of knowledge and experience of members. We are the 3rd longest in history out of 21 Local Chapters in JCI Hong Kong, an English-speaking chapter and only one out of three All-Male chapters. As of 2016, we are only one out of three chapters with over 50 years providing young active citizens with opportunities to empower themselves to polish their leadership skills, expand their connections both locally and internationally, build up social responsibility, motivate entrepreneurship and encourage fellowship.