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Ensure Guard applies NANO TECHNOLOGY to create a GENUINE LASTING disinfection shield

Ensure Guard is a professional product that applies NANO TECHNOLOGY to create a GENUINE LASTING disinfection shield that could last up to 30 DAYS. It can be applied to any surfaces ranging from door handles, faucets to cooking utensils, cutlery, even human hands and skin, also not affected by washing even with detergent. Its ingredients are ALL NATURAL and are NON-TOXIC to human and environment, supported by certifications. It kills 99.99% of viruses, bacterium, fungi and microorganism at source.



安素膜是一種創新先進100% 天然持效滅菌抗菌產品,其特有配方可以殺滅各種病菌、病毒和細菌,並且0%口服毒性。利用獨特納米塗層可以長效持久覆蓋在任何物件的乾燥表面當與病毒和細菌接觸時,病毒和細菌的細胞膜會被破滅而死亡, 因此細菌無法繁殖和再次滋生。


Air Guard is a patented system, using a specially formulated gel matrix that is placed in an air handling unit (AHU), where it releases specific concentrations of top quality Australian tea tree oil vapor throughout the air conditioning system, Tea Tree oil (a 100% nature essential Oil) is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial, antifungal, and anti-viral agent.


愛家 – 空氣空調淨化系列產品(下稱愛家)能有效對抗各種細菌、黴菌和病毒包括霉菌、軍團菌和各類微生物…等及預防其滋生。產品從澳洲進口,採用當地嚴格篩選的純天然茶樹精油製成,是一種強大的廣譜抗微生物和抗真菌劑,不含任何化學添加劑,當中的茶樹油分子能持續淨化室內空氣,對抗微生物滋生和繁殖。

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