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Introduction to JCI Senate
In 1952, the JCI Senate was established to recognize the outstanding achievements and service of JCI members worldwide. JCI Senators display determination and leadership and are encouraged to stay connected and provide support throughout the entirety of their lives.


1951 During his travels as President, 1951 JCI President Phil Pugsley investigated why chapters were awarding trophies and trinkets to commemorate outstanding service of members. He believed the funds could be better utilized to support expansion of the Junior Chamber movement.

1951 JCI President Phil Pugsley and charter member John Armbruster then struck upon the idea of creating a JCI “alumni”, a group of distinguished and honoured members who would help spread the JCI Mission worldwide.

1952 Birth of JCI Senate (approved and incorporated into JCI By-laws in the JCI World Congress, Melbourne)

As at February 2016, more than 73,000 JCI Members in more than 100 countries have been honoured.

The First Three Senators
1. Joaquin V. Gonzalez (Philippines)
• the first voluntary JCI Secretary General who was killed in a plane crash while en route from a national convention

2. Phillip Pugsley (Montreal, Canada)
• 1951 JCI President

3. John Armbruster (Missouri, USA)
• charter member of the first Junior Chamber organization

Do you know there is a Senators Grace?

Senators Grace

For Thy bountiful provision of this food,

For the gift of human personality,

For the brotherhood of all men in Thee,

And the opportunity of a selfless Service,

.....We thank Thee O Lord.