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JCIHK Recommended Courses
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  • To facilitate the trainers’ development in JCI Hong Kong
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Organize a JCIHK Recommended Course as a Chapter
  1. Notify NTDC the training date and venue
  2. Organize the course as normal project
  3. After training, organizer have to submit the participant list to register the certificate in Power Learning Path indicating:
    1. Full name of participants (Chi & Eng)
    2. Chapter
    3. Whether they have completed the course
  4. For Participants, after training, they have to complete & submit:
    • Course knowledge test (Some JCIHK recommended courses request the trainers to pass the test with certain marks in order to conduct)
    • Feedback form

Conduct a JCIHK Recommended Course as a Trainer
  1. Read the trainer's requirement and make sure you are satisify
  2. Notify NTDC to get the password of trainer materials
  3. Notify NTDC the training date and venue

JCIHK Recommended Courses List

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Course Name Course Founders Summary Time
Trainer Participant Modules Last Version Materials
Requirements # Requirements
Be a SUPERvisor! Fiona Bar (JCI EK)

Pong Yau (JCI B)
The fundamental purpose of the course is to train up the supervising skills for supervising officer supervising the JC project/ team. The second purpose is to promote the coaching culture for helping member’s development.  2 Hrs 1. Must pass and get 50% marks in the knowledge test of this course before

2. Must have 2 years of JCI experiencing

3. Have 1 year of board member experiencing
6-30  NIL Module 1: Opening

Module 2: Why need Supervising Officer

Module 3: What’s JCI Supervising officer’s responsibility

Module 4: How to Supervise a JC project team

Module 5: How to motivate members through the JC project

Module 6: Summary
2016 Part 0
Incoroporating JC Values into teams & Projects Claudia Chor

Jan Lai

Amy Tin
JC Value is the most important foundational element of JCI. 
This course aims to reinforce the JC values with all JC members, to motivate the JC members to be future leaders by leading the team to set common team goals and build a strong team; creative and successful projects that could bring positive impact to the society are expected to be implemented by strong and united teams with common goals.
3 Hrs 1.    Graduated from the same course and passed the knowledge test 

2.    Minimum 2 years of JCI experience

3.    Minimum 1 year LOM board of directors experience 

4.    Understanding local issues & community affairs
12-30 Any JC members Module 1: Bringing JC Values to Life 

Module 2: Building a Strong Team with Common Goals 

Module 3: Research, Think Out of the Box and Win the Public Opinion
2016 Part 0

Part 1

Part 2
Let's Debate 
(2016 Most Recommended Course)
Winne Yeung
The fundamental purpose of the course is to promote debating skills as effective communication tools for daily life; The secondary purpose is to recruit potential debaters of JCIHK Debating Team. 3 Hrs 1. Graduating from the same course
- Attending in person
  -Passing the knowledge test (60%) on site

2. Minimum 2 years of JC experience

3. Minimum 1 year LOM board of directors experience

4. To be the Head Trainer, he/she must have been an assistant trainer of this course at least once and/or mentored by a former Head Trainer of this course
6-30 Full members only Module 1 - Why Debate?

Module 2 - Basic logic and sound argument

Module 3 - A good impromptu speech 

Module 4 -  Introduction to JCI World Debating Championship

Module 5 - Mock Debates
2016 Part 0
Protocol in Everyday Lena Wong
 NIL NIL  NIL NIL  NIL NIL 2016 Part 0 (Remove (2) in the file name if cannot combine)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
(2016 NTDC Special Mention Recommended Course)
Winnie Chu

Kannie Kan

William Yeung
 NIL NIL NIL NIL  NIL Module 1 - Network come first

Module 2 - Prepare the Good Proposal

Module 3 - Get Sponsored Fast: One Time Closing
2016 Part 0

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7
講一次讓人記得你 Candy Chan

Arlen Ho
 NIL 2 hrs  1. 曾經上過這個培訓,合格並60%的分數

2. 有兩年的JCI經驗

3.  有一年的董事局成員的經驗

8-30  NIL Module 1 - 單對單溝通

Module 2 - 公開演講
2016 Part 0

Part 1

Part 2