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 Mentorship Program 2019

Trainer Mentorship Program (TMP), orgranized by National Training and Development Commission, has been successfully created a platform for Mentees to practice their training skills through direct coaching from Mentors for last few years.
And this year we are going to take a step further to bring a bigger impact not only to Mentees but also to the society!

Objectives of the Program:
 - to encourage JCIHK members to actively explore their potential on taking the role as a trainer in their JC life.
 - to create a platform for Mentees to acquire training skills through mentorship
 - to develop a SDGs related training program to bring positive impact to the society.

Application Requirements:
 - Complete the application form with the endorsement of Chapter President
 - Minimum 1 year of JC full member experience
 - First time to participate Trainer Mentorship Program
 - Full attendance of the program events
Program Fee: HKD 500-
Program Events:

(1) TMP Kick-Off and Briefing
(2) SDG Workshop
(3) Training Skill Workshop
(4) Private Coaching Sessions
Organized by Mentors & Mentees Individually

(5) TMP Arena 
Date: 09th June 2019
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Venue: TBC
For any enquiries, please contact:
NTDC Vice Chairman Alex Hong at 9671 4770
NTDC Chairman Path Liu at 9681 3061