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Flashback 1960’s – Growth and Development
Flashback 1960’s – Growth and Development

In the continuation of the relay, Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce stepped into its further developing stage. 

Applying the experiences gained and together with the endeavor of the Jaycee members, the 17th World Congress of Junior Chamber International was, for the first time, held in Hong Kong in 1962. It was a grand and memorable event, widely covered by the media. The use of the whole new City Hall became the talk of  the town. The success of which not only reaffirmed the social status of Jaycees in the community, but also was a confidence booster for each Jaycee member. 

The handsome surplus from the Congress also led to the formation of the Trust Fund. It gave the Chamber a sound foundation which enabled the Jaycees to carry out many projects for community development with the confidence and helped it eventually to buy an office. 

With the continual injection of new  blood, Hong Kong Junior Chamber was restructured into a core National Organization Member and 2 affiliated chapters of Victoria and Kowloon Jaycees in 1965. 

JCI Regional Conference was hosted again in 1966. 

To spread the Jaycee spirit, Jaycee Week program was also launched in the 60s to promote Jaycees to the public. The First Chinese speaking chapter (Peninsula Jaycees) and the first all lady chapter (Hong Kong Jayceettes) were then formed in 1969. 

The coming together of members from various backgrounds provided the impetus for a diversification of community projects. 

The Annual Dragon Seed Races shared our concern for the boat people in the Kowloon typhoon shelters. 

The Miss International Goodwill Contest, and the later Miss Hong Kong Contest in the 60s were first initiated by the Jaycees and became an international friendship program which promoted the international goodwill and enhanced cultural exchange of Hong Kong.

The addition of more members and more projects, called for better communication, co-operation and administration. The introduction of management course and projects such as Golden Anniversary Ball played an important role in answering to the needs. 

Through such projects in 1960s, Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce became more concerned with membership development and began to strive for more opportunities in leadership training and to step up work for betterment of the community.