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Flashback 1970’s – Many the First and Meaningful Projects in 1970's
Flashback 1970’s – Many the First and Meaningful Projects in 1970's

Stepping into the decade of the 70s and after the celebration of the silver Jubilee Anniversary, it marked the beginning of an expansion in chapters and rapid increase in international awareness of their high standard of administration activities.

It was a memorable period which had many encouraging rewards and meaningful projects carried out. Five more chapters were formed. JCI Asia Pacific Conferences were again hosted in Hong Kong in 1972 & 1979. 

In 1974, during the World Congress held in Auckland, Hong Kong Junior Chamber won the first LOM Award and the JCI Presidential Award and the JCI Presidential Award of Excellence in NOM management. 

Three years later, Hong Kong Junior Chamber was awarded the JCI Presidential Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Chapter Extension with an increase of 25%, and the JCI Presidential Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Growth with an increase over 50% in membership in the year of 1979.

The Jaycee owned Chamber Office was opened in the year 1977 with the help of the Trust Fund, which further enhanced the sense of belonging of members in the Jaycee family.

Many well-known projects were initiated and received wide publicity. To name a few:
• The first “Outstanding Young Men Award” was launched (forerunner of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection” (TOYP) program which received increasing support and commendation from the public until now).

• The “Exchange program” in 1971 was the first Youth Voyage which deepened the cultural exchange and understanding between Hong Kong and Japan.

• The first “Solar Heating System” installed in Wu Kai Sha Youth Camp received the first LOM award in JCI World Congress.

• The much acclaimed “Earth Population Awareness Program” which propagandized the slogan: “One is cute;Two is ideal;Three is too much for the bill, Four breaks the family quilt” was adopted by The Family Planning Association as a slogan for family planning education program.

• The “Pop Folk” Concert in those days was the only outdoor concert attracted the youths in Hong Kong.

• The “Eye Care Campaign” and “Kidney Donation Campaign” etc. projected the importance of health.