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Flashback 1980’s – Challenging Decade
Flashback 1980’s – Challenging Decade

The Jaycees movement in the 80s was confronted with many challenges but at the same time opened up many new and exciting opportunities.

More LOMs were added to the Jaycee family in the 80s, increasing the total membership to over 1,300 and 19 chapters, in which two chapters – Macau Jaycees and Hou Kong Jaycees in Macau – formed the Macau Jaycees and affiliated with JCI as an independent National Organization Member at the end of 1988.

With more energetic young persons joining the Jaycees, many meaningful and innovative projects were held, such as “Young Scientists Awards”, “The International Children Drawing Competition & Exhibition”, “Chunk-Click and Go”, “Spread the Lights”, “Good Children Awards”, “Courtesy Campaign”, “N.T. Regional Outstanding Student Selection” and “Road Safety Campaign” etc.

There were also honorable and glamorous moments for Hong Kong Junior Chamber in the 80s. Senator Jennifer Yu was elected as the first Chinese Lady World President for 1988. Four TOYP awardees of Hong Kong were separately selected as the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Honoree during the JCI World Congresses in the years 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1988. Furthermore, three lady National Presidents were elected, and led the Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1983, 1987 and 1989 respectively.

Approaching the end of 1980s, Hong Kong Junior Chamber was faced with many public issues as did the community at large. Even so, the Hong Kong Junior Chamber still pressed on with their mission of community involvement and played an important role as training organization for young people.

Hong Kong Junior Chamber had the honour to be invited to participate in the first “Youth Rally” of the “Youth Festival” in Dec. 1989. Relationship with outside youth organizations and Government was further strengthened and the image of Jaycees in the eyes of the public was also kept up.