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Flashback 1990’s – Scaling New Heights
Flashback 1990’s – Scaling New Heights

Entering the nineties - a decade of change and transition - the Hong Kong Junior Chamber continued to uphold its mission of advocating social responsibility among young people. In the first-ever direct election in Hong Kong in 1991, the “One Plus One – Support Direct Election” campaign was organized by all 17 local chapters, once again marking the Jaycees’ active participation in civic affairs. 

In 1993, the Hong Kong Junior Chamber hosted the JCI World Congress, an event that attracted more than 6,000 delegates from over 100 countries around the world. 30 years has elapsed since the Hong Kong Jaycees last hosted the World Congress in 1962 with wide acclaim.

The decade of the nineties also witnessed a series of improvement programs within the organization. With funding support from the Hong Kong Junior Chamber Trust Fund, a new office in Sheung Wan was acquired in 1990 to provide a more spacious training and meeting facility for the Junior Chamber’s 1,500 strong membership. The “National Business Network” (NBN) and the “Training and Development Committee” (TDC)were subsequently established to offer a wider scope of networking and development opportunities for the members. 

Since 1996, the Hong Kong Junior Chamber has been actively involved in the “Right Decisions Program”. The project, originated by JCI and executed on a worldwide level, promulgates the importance of youngsters in making the right choice for their actions. The “Right Decisions Program” has been implemented in primary and secondary schools since 1998.