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Flashback 2000’s – Millennium Decade
Flashback 2000’s – Millennium Decade

Entering the millennium, the whole world continued to change and entered a digital era. The JCI started electronic Bid Book in 2003 and JCI Hong Kong fully adopted the e-Bid Book in 2005. 

JCI also changed the logo and name among nations to build up a better branding. To align with the resolution in the JCI Copenhagen World Congress in 2003, the Hong Kong Junior Chamber was renamed into JCI Hong Kong in 2004. 

To accommodate the increase in the JCI Hong Kong members, an Office Purchase Ad hoc Committee was formed in 2000. With the great support from the Hong Kong Junior Chamber Trust Funds, new JC chamber office in the Seaview Commercial Building, Connaught Road West was purchased in2004. Also in 2004, Hong Kong Junior Chamber Foundation (the former Hong Kong Junior Chamber Trust Fund) was established which aims to effectively manage the trust funds and financially support the JCI Hong Kong and its chapters. 

After Hong Kong was handed over to the People’s Republic of China in 1997, JCI Hong Kong firstly coorganized Youth Exchange Program with other youth organizations since 2006, so to strengthen the young people about the understanding of the current situation of Mainland China. In 2008, JCI Hong Kong started to work with China Youth University for Political Sciences, to organize National Affair Lectures for our JC leaders in Beijing.

JCI Hong Kong has put effort to achieve better in every aspect. A Guinness World Record for the world’s largest mosaic made of paper flower was achieved by TOYP Awardees and hundreds of JC Members in 2001. In addition, JCI Hong Kong was awarded the Most Outstanding National Organization Member Award in 2005.
Since 2008, United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDGs) was adopted as one of the National Flagship Projects which aims to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases, ensure environment sustainability and develop a global partnership for development etc.

In 2010, JCI Hong Kong bid for the hosting rights of 2012 JCI Asia and the Pacific Conference during Singapore ASPAC.