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Message from National President 2023

It has been three years since we Jaycees and Jayceettes have been able to resume our old form of physical events, but when our predecessors were waiting, they also relentlessly improvised with what was available. 

They have not lost faith that the earth's great treasure lies in human personality, that even with the pandemic, we can still develop enterprising young leaders. With our devotion and dedication we can still serve our communities, that service to humanity is the best work of life. Thanks to their leadership we have become more equipped, adaptive and resilient. 


During the past few years, JCI Hong Kong and our affiliated local chapters have continued to partner with the government and businesses, and pushed forward with organizing events that have developed members while serving the community. Just last year we also organized the 2022 JCI World Congress with both physical and virtual attendance from all over the world.


Our 2023 theme “Lead to Impact” calls for future leaders like ourselves to continue creating positive impact in our community by leading concerted efforts with our partners and with our affiliated chapters. Concerted efforts to reconnect with local districts and different organizations. Concerted efforts to make our well-organized projects and events known in our communities and abroad. And concerted efforts to assemble a significant delegation to international events where all members would benefit from cultural and business exchanges.


With our collaboration, 2023 will be a fruitful and memorable year. Please join us in our movement as every member counts, and every bit of your effort counts. Let us treasure our one year to lead, and let us all lead to impact!

Senator Kenneth Yu

2023 National President

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong