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JCIHK Alumni Club 22nd Anniversary Celebration
The 22nd Anniversary Celebration cum Handover Dinner “資深歡聚樂今宵” was held on the 14th of December 2019 at The Club One, Kornhill, Hong Kong.

Due to the unstable social environment during the process of organization, my worries and concerns kept generating and various contingency plans had been prepared to cope with the worst. Finally, the great day came. The 22nd Anniversary Celebration cum Handover Dinner was successfully held on December 14 with 250 participants, including distinguished guests and members from JCIHK and Macao SMA.

In the presence of Honorary Patron Senator Jennifer Yu, JCI Honorary Advisor Senator Sonny Yu and Alumni Club Past Chairmen, the Chairman Seal was successfully handed over from 2019 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Queenie Lo to 2020 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Victor Chan.

After the solemn Handover Ceremony, the party with the theme “Enjoy Yourselves Tonight歡樂今宵” was kicked off by three classic microfilms (雙星報喜, 林亞珍, 乜太與Maria), arousing participants’ good old memories and laughter. Followed by an interesting game, the ‘Lucky Stars’ and then the performances from a group of popular classic characters - the “ Four Golden Flowers (四朵金花)”   and  “ The Chopsticks (筷子姊妹花)”,  the spirits of participants were more uplifted.  The climax was led by 2019 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Queenie Lo and me with our romantic Waltz dance.  We haven’t danced in JC events for a long time, the party provided a good platform for all guests and JC members to dance together.  The anniversary celebration finally ended with our merry dancing in a relaxed atmosphere and we all left with laughter and excitement.

I am very delighted that there were 20 JCIHK Local Chapters and Macao SMA joining the anniversary party, the participation rate is up to 95 percent.  The JCI spirit highly spread among all guests and members.

Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks go to my beloved organizing committee members who were highly devoted to organizing this event and they did more than I expected. The feedbacks of the party were excellent.  Furthermore, I have to show my sincere gratitude to 2019 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Queenie Lo and as well to Advisors Senator Winnie Wong and Senator Louis Lam for their advices and assistance.

I salute you all !

Charles Lam

Event Chairman
Alumni Club 22nd Anniversary Celebration