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Alumni Club Newsletter 2022 Third Issue


Event Photo Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ru0a6809abhitlr/AADYJI7m5Y3e_VkFobUIe1T6a?dl=0

The year 2022 marks the Silver Jubilee of JCIHK Alumni Club. This is also a very special year where the world facing an unprecedented global health crisis.  Fortunately, with the relief of the epidemic, our 25th anniversary celebration can be held smoothly.  A warm welcome to every one of the guests! I thank all the JCI members who have taken as much time as is needed out to go to 25th Anniversary Ceremony.
In the presence of Honorary Patron Senator Jennifer Yu, JCI Honorary Advisor Senator Sonny Yu and Alumni Club Past Chairmen, the Chairman Seal was successfully handed over from 2022 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Daisy Lui to 2023 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Charles Lam.
It's a matter of incredible pride to see our Alumni Club developing, grasping great value system and accomplishing more than what we have ever thought of. There is a lot of individuals whom I would need to thank on from the bottom of my heart. I take pride wholeheartedly in saying that we have the best and remarkable organizing committees with similarly high goals and dreams.  Thanks to them, we achieved a happy and wonderful 25th anniversary celebration.
Thanks to them, we have a time gallery exhibition hall that reviews wonderful events in the past 24 years;
Thanks to them, we have an online quiz game that is full of excitement and you can know the result immediately;
Thanks to them, we have a laughing voice performance, a new interpretation of "In the Mood for Love" and "Mrs. What and Maria";
Thanks to them, we have a flash dance.
My heartfelt thanks go to my beloved organizing committee members who were highly devoted to organizing this event and they did more than I expected. The feedbacks of the party were excellent.  Furthermore, I have to show my sincere gratitude to 2022 Alumni Club Chairman Senator Daisy Lui and as well to Advisors Senator Sam Sio, Senator Louis Lam and Senator Charles Lam for their advices and assistance.
Thank you.
Alison Lai
Event Chairman
Alumni Club 25th Anniversary Celebration
December 10, 2022