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National President Appointments

Date: 2024-01-01

Dear Past National Presidents, National Officers, Chapter Presidents, fellow Jaycees and Jayceettes, 


Warm new year greetings from National President Office!

Another remarkable new year has commenced, and I congratulate all the NOM Officers, LOM Presidents and their officers who are now in office. 

Connect to Evolve is the theme and mission of 2024. We encourage individuals and organisations to prioritise building relationships, collaborating with others, and embracing new ideas in order to evolve and grow. 

JCI is gathered by visionary young leaders who are empowered to make bold and transformative moves through various growth and development opportunities.

It is my great honour to have the following persons and members that accepted my invitation to serve JCI Hong Kong in 2024. The appointments as follow:

Honorary Advisors

  • The Honourable Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen, GBM, GBS, JP - President of the Legislative Council
  • The Honourable Alice MAK Mei-kuen, SBS, JP - Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs
  • Dr. Joseph LEE Chung-tak, GBS, OStJ, JP - President of Wofoo Social Enterprises
  • Dr. Y.K. PANG, GBS, JP - Deputy Managing Director of Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited

Honorary Legal Advisor

Mr. Patrick WONG


Honorary Auditor

IMCL CPA Limited


National Presidential Advisor 

2013 National President Senator Paul WU

Panel of Advisors

  • 1976 National President Senator Paul YIN, SBS, BBS, JP
  • 1980 National President Senator Major TANG
  • 1991 National President Senator Daniel CHAM, BBS, MH, BH, JP
  • 1993 National President Senator George LUNG, BBS, MH, JP
  • 2006 National President Senator James TSUI, MH

TOYP Selection Steering Committee Chairman

1984 National President Senator John CHAN

Strategic Planning Committee Chairman

2010 National President Senator Gene TANG 

Commission Chairpersons

  • JCI Hong Kong Alumni Club Chairman Senator Bowie LAM (JCI Tai Ping Shan)  
  • National Business Networking Commission Chairman Kevin CHEUNG (JCI Island)
  • National Content Marketing Commission Chairman Henry MA (JCI Ocean)
  • National International Affairs Commission Chairman Mic HON (JCI City)
  • National Mainland Affairs Commission Chairman Campbell TING (JCI Queensway)
  • National Membership Commission Chairman Amy LI (JCI Yuen Long)
  • National Partnership & Sponsorship Affairs Commission Chairman Davina WONG (JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes)
  • National Training and Development Commission Chairman Senator Claudia CHOR (JCI Kowloon)  
  • National Youth Development Commission Chairman Simona LAM (JCI Yuen Long)

Executive Assistants to National President

  • Senator Flora CHEUNG (JCI Tsuen Wan)
  • Senator Claudia CHOR (JCI Kowloon)
  • Senator Jackie LAM (JCI Lion Rock)
  • Senator Winita YEUNG (JCI Apex)


Thank you very much again for your dedicated contribution to our beloved organization and I am looking forward to working with you in different aspects. 

Last but not the least, the Inaugural Ceremony of JCI Hong Kong will be held on 6 January, 2024, at Regala Skycity Hotel, Hong Kong International Airport.

Best Regards,

Senator Ben MAK

National President

Senate #77223

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong