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JCI East Kowloon
Chris Chan
JCI East Kowloon President
Chapter Website :  http://www.jciek.org
Year Of Establishment :  1980
Official Language :  English Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

JCI East Kowloon is a non-profit institution affiliated as the 12th local chapter of JCI Hong Kong. Since our establishment in 1980, we has served as a leadership training platform to encourage young people to be active citizens and create positive change in several areas including individual, international, community, and business. English is the official language for our chapter and we are formed by young passionate men and women with each of them embracing their uniqueness. Over the years, we have organized impactful projects for the betterment of the community and our members such as “Review of 80s, Work for 90s”, the “Success Training Series”, “Family Harmony”, “UNMDG Debate Competition”, "UNMDGs Build A Backpack Inititative", "Next Step Challenge" and many more. Being Active Citizens, JCI East Kowloon members take up the challenges around them through local development initiatives.