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JCI Victoria
Dara Sum
JCI Victoria President
Chapter Website :  https://www.vjc.org.hk/
Year Of Establishment :  1950
Official Language :  English / Chinese Member Gender : Male & Female

Background Of The Chapter :

JCI Victoria is the most senior local chapter among all the 21 chapters affiliated to Junior Chamber International (Hong Kong)/ JCIHK, which is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI). Since establishment, JCI Victoria has proactively responded to challenges in the community, helping to generate awareness on important social and economic issues which has profound impact to our daily lives. Our objectives are carried out through the four areas of opportunities, namely - Individual, Community, Business and International. JCI Victoria, in 2024, focuses on several major areas, in order to contribute and gather teenager's power and create more social impact which is in line with the directive of JCI Rise, SDGs and youth exchange on an international level. We continue our journey to show their talent in the aforementioned areas that we will organize 4 flagship projects respectively, “SDG Enterprise Awards”, “SEN to the World”, “Pet to School” and “AED Save a Life”