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港心‧廣愛 2019 - 向加油說不

One in six Hongkongers suffering from a diagnosable mental health illness, between 2010 and 2015 the number of young people seeking treatment for mental health problems at public facilities increased from 12,500 to 22,300, according to the Hospital Authority’s psychiatry department. The biggest jump, 75 per cent, was in those under 15 years of age. As 2019 unfolds, Together We Care aims to raise the awareness of the public about mental health with the focus on primary four to six students and we would like to enlighten the parents to know how to better manage their children’s emotional stress. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Parents and children practiced and walked through how to understand and manage emotions in 2019 Together We Care – Say NO to Add Oil on 29 September 2019. Music therapist- Ms. Kanice Kwan inspired the children on how to use music therapy to release negative emotions. All participants enjoyed the playing of musical instruments and games so much!


Counselling psychologist- Ms. Yoyo Ng. shared her experience and methodology to the parents on how to observe and handle children’s different emotions. In addition, through participating in the interactive and fun-filled parent-child games, parents learnt to be more aware of the importance of listening to their children’s inner voices. It enabled them to understand more of their children’s emotions. They get inspired on how to enhance communication with their children and eventually build up better parents-child relationships.