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Discover Our Famous JCI Alumni

How many of the faces do you recognize from the picture below? 

Do you know Bill Clinton is only just one of the five Jaycee members who have been the presidents of United States? Do you know six Japan Prime Ministers have been the members of JCI?

Being a global organisation with the mission to provide development opportunities to empower the young generation to create positive change for over 100 years, JCI has nurtured many socially recognized leaders around the globe. The faces of the picture above are comprised of former leaders of different nations, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, champions of various sports and a beauty queen. Though they come from different backgrounds and nations, they all have one thing in common: they are all formers members of JCI!

Now JCI has compiled a comprehensive list of famous JCI alumni around the world. The list can be viewed here. What could be a better way to experience the diversity and the positive changes that JCI brings about? Go and check out the list and dive into your JC life!