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Staying in pandemic mode for over 3 years, it’s time to adapt a new normal. JCI Harbour is honored to receive the hosting right of JCI Hong Kong National Convention 2023 and is excited to prepare an extraordinary National Convention for you.

The 2.5-day Convention will showcase a series of exciting events, including:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • General Assemblies
  • Caucus and Election
  • Alumni Program and Senate Luncheon
  • Themed Seminar featuring exceptional keynote speakers
  • Gala Dinner and Awards Presentation Ceremony

where members will review, discuss and decide the sustainable development of JCI Hong Kong. 

To echo with the theme of the Convention “Unite for Impact”,  a side program – “Asia Pacific Youth Micro Films Festival” that combines with the elements of “Cultural Exchange” and “Youth Development” will showcase a series of film screening from several Asian countries that bring love and positive energy to the youngsters and society. The Festival aims as to motivate people to overcome difficulties at the same time of empowering our young people and uplifting social mobility. Thematic Forums on understanding Asian Youth through films will be hosted and token of appreciation will be presented to young practitioners in the Film Industry.

We are expected to unite over 800 JCIHK members, overseas delegates and local students to participate in the National Convention. 

Come and Join Us to Create Imapct Together!

Date       : 22 - 24 September, 2023
Venue    : BP International (No. 8 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)
Format   : Physical

Early Bird Price  : HKD 1,888 (Register & Paid by 30 June, 2023)
Regular Price     :  HKD 2,088