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Since inception, JCI Hong Kong has launched numerous projects echoed the needs of the society. That include the “Children Library” in the 50’s, the “Dragon Seed Races” for the boat people in typhoon shelters in the 60’s, the first “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection”, “Earth Population Awareness Program” for the Family Council and the first “Solar Heating System” for energy save in youth camp site in the 70’s, “Children Drawing Competition” and “Outstanding Young Students Selection” in the 80’s, the “One Plus One – Support Direct Election Campaign” in the 90’s, the “Right Decisions Program” promoting core value in the 00’s and the United Nations “Millennium Development Goals” and “Global Compact” Programs, the “CEO Forum” and the “Change Maker Forum” in early 10’s. Echoed with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), numerous projects focusing different goals were launched in recent years.

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