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Established in 1915, JCI is always an ideal platform for young people to develop their leadership and make positive changes. In the past century, we had a lot of outstanding members, and many of them contributed their lives not only to the Jaycee movements, but also to social development.

In order to recognize their contribution, the JCI Senate was established. By granting this prestigious membership, we hope to maintain the fellowship and more importantly, to encourage them to serve and to support the organization continuously.

We have lived through the challenges given by the pandemic. From the achievements that JCI Hong Kong members made so far, especially after the beautiful job we did during the JCI World Congress. We showcased to the world that our capability is more than just adaptiveness. We are united, energetic, creative, sensitive to social needs, and more importantly we keep moving forward. 2024 marks a year of hope, and now we are ready to pick up our long-lost friendship and fellowship.

Let’s JCI Hong Kong shine again, and our senators become an important support to our movement to create a bigger impact!

Kenneth Yu
Senate Chairman
National Immediate Past President
Senate Number: 76360