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Introduction to JCI Senate

JCI recognizes outstanding leaders
More than 50 years ago, the JCI Senate was established to recognize the outstanding achievements and service of JCI members worldwide. JCI Senators display determination and leadership and are encouraged to stay connected and provide support throughout the entirety of their lives.

Remembering Philip T.R. Pugsley

Born in Montreal, Canada, Philip T.R. Pugsley was a leader of the JCI Movement at the local, national and international levels. At the 1951 JCI World Congress in Montreal, Canada, he was elected JCI President.

During his travels, Pugsley witnessed organizations from around the world recognizing their outstanding members with trophies and other honorable awards, which lead to the idea for the JCI Senate.

In 1952 at the seventh JCI World Congress, the JCI Senate was formed to officially recognize JCI members who displayed exemplary dedication to the JCI Mission. The JCI Senate is just one more way JCI members around the world can give back and financially assist positive change around the world.

The First Three Senators
1. Joaquin V. Gonzalez (Philippines)
• the first voluntary JCI Secretary General who was killed in a plane crash while en route from a national convention

2. Phillip Pugsley (Montreal, Canada)
• 1951 JCI President

3. John Armbruster (Missouri, USA)
• charter member of the first Junior Chamber organization

Do you know there is a Senators Grace?

Senators Grace

For Thy bountiful provision of this food,

For the gift of human personality,

For the brotherhood of all men in Thee,

And the opportunity of a selfless Service,

.....We thank Thee O Lord.