ebooking system
  • To centralize local training materials
  • To provide high quality and standardized materials for members
  • To facilitate trainer development in JCI Hong Kong
To Conduct these Training Courses as a Local Chapter
  1. Organize the training event as you would a project.
  2. Notify NTDC of the date, venue and hosting chapter(s)
  3. To be credited as fulfilling training requirement for the Power Learning Path, trainer(s)/trainee(s) shall submit the list of participants including the following information to NTDC:
    • Full name (Chi & Eng)
    • Chapter
    • Confirmation of course completion (by Trainer)
  4. Course participants shall also submit:
    • Course knowledge test (if applicable for the course)
    • Feedback form
To Conduct these Training Courses as a Trainer
  1. Confirm that you fulfill the trainer requirement for the course
  2. Request access to training materials from NTDC
  3. Confirm date and venue of your training

New Training Material Submissions
  • Please contact NTDC