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 JCIHK NTDC Power Learning Path 2021

To recognize and encourage our JCIHK members for their active and continuous learning in JCI, National Training & Development Commission (NTDC) has launched the Power Learning Path (PLP) 2021 – a year-round individual learning and recognition program.
       To maintain the continuity of the previous PLP as well as increase the level of challenge, we introduce one new level as extension in 2021. There will be five levels of recognition in the program. Members are required to complete and be qualified from any one item from each respective level. It is required to achieve all lower levels before reaching the higher ones. 

The detail of different level requirements is shown below:
Level 1. Discoverer
i. Any 2 JCI Foundational Courses (passed within 3 years); or
ii. Any 2 JCIHK training workshops in 2021 (including LD Workshops / Public Speaking and Debate Workshops / Business Skill / Digital Skill / SDG Workshops; NC Training Workshops) (as Participant); or
iii. Hello JC or equivalent (as Participant)

Level 2. Explorer
i. Any 3 JCI Leadership Courses (passed within 3 years); or
ii. Hello JC or equivalent (as Group Facilitator); or
iii. 2020 or 2021 Executive Academy / President Academy or equivalent (as Participant); or
iv. As Contestant of 2021 JCIHK Public Speaking Championship or JCIHK Debating Championship

Level 3. Adventurer
i. JCI Facilitator/ JCI Presenter (passed within 3 years); or
ii. As Assistant Trainer of Hello JC or equivalent / any JCI  Official Courses in 2020 or 2021; or
iii. Additional 7 JCI Leadership Courses (passed within 3 years)

Level 4. Influencer
i. As Assistant Trainer of Executive Academy or equivalent/ President Academy in 2020 or 2021; or
ii. As Head Trainer of any JCI Official Courses in 2021; or
iii. Graduate of 2019, 2020 or 2021 JCIHK Trainer Mentorship Program (TMP)

Level 5. Empowered Leaders
i. As Head Trainer / Deputy Head Trainer of Hello JC or equivalent / Executive Academy or equivalent / President Academy in 2020 or 2021; or
ii. As Trainer / Assistant Trainer of ASPAC / World Congress / International trainings designated by JCIHK in 2021
Participants can apply for the Power Learning Path program through this google form: https://bit.ly/2OPwAaT

Please upload your qualified record of each JCI Course or attendance record of the event.

Award presentation date of Power Learning Path program:

1. Joint Directors Meeting I – 19 June 2021 (submission deadline is 19 May 2021)
2. National Convention – 25/26 September 2021 (submission deadline is 25 August 2021)
3. Joint Directors Meeting II – 11 December 2021 (submission deadline is 11 November 2021)

We sincerely hope this program can encourage members to devote to develop their leadership/training path and recognize their effort.

For any enquiries, please contact NTDC Vice Chairman Dave Wong (dave.wong@jcihk.org) or NTDC Chairman Dickson Lo (dickson.lo@jcihk.org).


Happy Learning!