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歷史 (培訓及發展委員會)

(Former name: Training and Development Council)



Committee Members




Ad Hoc Committee C/M Valerie Cheung, Members Connie Chiu, Paul Chan, Eric Yung, Marco Chan and Bassanio So.

This Committee took front-line responsibility in collecting feedbacks from members of 17 chapters on the training needs which constitute to the direction of development of the department. 1st JCI PRIME conducted in HK by HT Peter Sim and assisted by Paul Chan and Caroline Keung.


The Training and Development Committee (TDC) was established in April 1992.

TDCC: Bassanio So, Members Caroline Keung, Paul Chan and David Li.

NTD Justin Lui, ex-officio, Elaine Cheung, Secretary.



TDCC: Bassanio So (until 31 August), Justin Lui (from 1 Sep)

Conducted "Vanguard Leaders" courses to two outside organizations. Need writing skill of training manuals for trainers.



TDCC: Justin Lui (until 31 August), S.K. Lai (from 1 Sep)




TDCC: S.K. Lai

Tried to build linkage with outside training organizations.



TDCC: Petrus Yung




TDCC: Petrus Yung

The SUCCESS training programme was re-run with a view of refining the contents to be developed into a standard programme for the adoption at TDC.



TDCC: Tony Chan

Conducted two training programmes for World Vision Hong Kong to the group leaders of their project ’30-hour Famine’. Namely ‘Quality of a Leader’ and ‘Communication Skills’



TDCC: Joseph Ho

NOM launched 5-star Training Programmes: Goal Setting Time Management Chairmanship Presentation Skills JC Protocol



TDCC: Tony Chan

Compiled Coaches Directory with information about TDC trainers and training programmes.



TDCC: Rose Mao

Suggested to explore new programmes for NGOs.



TDCC: Joanne Li

5 – IGs, 16 CNTs, 4 Prime Head Trainers, 3 PRIME Assistant Trainers. Final touch-up of ‘Vanguard Leaders’ was completed.


An Ad Hoc Committee to study the feasibility of setting up a training institute in JCIHK was formed in May.

Ad Hoc Committee C/M Bassanio So, Members Raymond Yu, Tony Chan, Paul Chan and

TDCC: Scarlet Wong

LRPC reviewed the report submitted by the Ad Hoc Committee and fully support the recommendations to set up JCIHK Training Institute. The Training Institute would initially position itself as a non-profit-making entity for ease of outside support and internal management. It is expected that the Institute would provide added value to members and enhance the corporate image of JCIHK.


3 PRIME Graduates from Penang ASPAC and 3 CLTs obtained

TDCC: Duncan Tai

LRPC recommended NOM to organize continuous impactful leadership projects.


HK$15,800 was granted from HKJC Foundation for inviting International Trainers to HK for experience sharing.

TDCC: Francesca Ng

Velvet Ooi and Peter Sim from Malaysia were invited.


JCIHK Training Institute Steering Committee was appointed at January Joint Board Meeting.

NIPP Ellen Tsang was appointed as the Chairman. Members PNPs George Lung & Michelle Tang, Paul Chan, Tony Tsang & TDC C/M Francesca Ng, NP James Tsui as ex-officio.

Training Director, Phyllis Chan was employed from the 1st of April. Training of JPC is acquired.



TI: NIPP James Tsui was appointed as the Chairman of TI. TDCC: Peter Lau

TDC encourages trainers to participate in JPC training. Use Jpc Modules for young trainers to practice in TDC Arena. A series of training regards game design, delivery and debriefing was led by Lau Sir. ITF Peter Sim, ITF Karen Smythe, IG Fanny Mao was invited to HK for train the trainer.


First ITF from JCIHK

TI: NIPP Clement Woo.

TDCC: Peter Lau

ITF Karen Smythe, ITF Mennen Aracid, CNT Andrew Norman were invited to deliver trainings. First ITF from JCIHK: Rose Mao.




TDCC: Eva Lum





TDCC: Eva Lum





TDCC: Connie Chan





TDCC: Michael Sze





TDCC: Eric Lin





TDCC: Ben Chiu




TDCC: Janice Lai





TDCC: Simon Wong




TDCC: Dennis Lai

Members: Kenny Chan, Iris Lam, Winnie Chu, Vincent Chow




TDCC: Pong Yau

Members: Carmen Chiang, Raymond Ng, Christopher Lai, Vincent Chow, Vince Ng, Jason Wong, Ray Tong

 NTDC encourages JCIHK members to develop Trainer’s ASK (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge). We reconstructed the Trainer Mentorship Program (Training Camp, Mentorship program, Trainer summit) for developing the best train the trainer platform. Developed Power Learning Path Program & Recommended Trainer Award for motivated member to step into trainer path. Built up Trainer Database for increasing training opportunity. Developed UNGDS education in secondary & primary schools for providing non-JC training opportunity. Developed the trainer level (HT, DHTs, AT) in each NOM training course for developing the clear career & development path.



TDCC: Path Liu

Members:Alyse Chu, Natalie Yun, Peter Chan, Alex Hong, Eddie Yuen, Heidi Chong