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Message from Chairman of Alumni Club


Dear all beloved Senior Members


It is my honour and great pleasure to say Happy New Year to you all here; I sincerely hope all of you have a wonderful and COVID-19 free year in 2022.


Alumni Club enters the 25th year in 2022 inadvertently; we will arrange a series of activities to celebrate the “Silver Jubilee”.  Although we are still under the haze of Pandemic Coronavirus, our team works hard planning various events for over 730 senior members so as to sustain the mission of Alumni Club – “Enjoy our JC Senior Members’ Life 吃、喝、玩、樂“.


In order to echo Alumni Club’s slogan this year「緣是友情   Fun 享樂廿五載」we will arrange various activities such as


            。Chinese New Year Bonanza on Feb 18;Staycation & Hiking Fun in Spring;
Horse Racing Dinner & Experience of Floor Curling in Summer;
BBQ Party in Autumn;

            。25th Anniversary cum Handover Ceremony on Dec 10


Other than the above activities for our senior members, we would also fully support the World Congress 2022 that will be hosted in Hong Kong. 


As the Alumni Club Chairman this year, taking this opportunity, may I wish National President Senator Karen and her board of directors a successful and remarkable year in leading us to pursue the JCI sustainable development goals and continue to “Be the Change” for a healthy and better future.


The same best wishes to the twenty-one local Chapters of JCIHK members and alumni.



Senator Daisy Lui
2022 JCI Hong Kong Alumni Club Chairman