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Interview with JCI President Dawn Hetzel & JCI Vice President Kongjoo Kim
April 05, 2017
An interview conducted with newly on-board JCI President, Dawn Hetzel, and JCI Vice President,  Kongjoo Kim during their short stay attending JCI Hong Kong Inaugural Ceremony on 7 January 2017.


Fitting the Puzzle Pieces Together for a Better Future

JCI President Dawn viewed future as a big puzzle. Everybody has a puzzle of own. By building relationship with each other, puzzle piece fits together as a picture. She added that JCI is an organization to unite people from all sectors of the society. In forming relationship, fostering partnership with NGOs, collaborating with corporations and local government…JCI forms a bridge to link up all those networks to help create a better future, a better big picture of future.

How to Alleviate Poverty Issue in Hong Kong

JCI President Dawn shared that there are many reasons why poverty exists. One of the things we do with the Active Citizen Framework is we try to drill down and find out the root cause of poverty. She encouraged local chapters to look at the root cause of poverty, conduct quantitative analysis / survey on what beneath iceberg – whether it is due to “lack of education”, “lack of jobs”, “lack of access to resources”, “lack of appropriate housing”. No single issue always exist along. She encouraged JCI members, as active citizens, to take a global perspective and explore community resources and collaborate with different partners to tackle poverty issue.

Our identity | Our Organization

JCI President Dawn proudly presented the slogan “I am JCI, you are JCI, we are JCI”. The idea behind the slogan is to really take ownership about our organization. It’s a unique identity as JCI active citizen. It’s a unique identity of who we are and what we do in the world as an individual, as well as an organization.


Our Focus | Our Impact

JCI President Dawn highlighted that our members are the people who create impact. When we create impact, we become change-makers in our community.  Remember - it is NOT about the number, it’s NOT about how many members we have. It is about quality of members, quality of projects. The attention that we should focus on is the amount of impact created, the amount of life being touched along the projects.

Be Inspired

JCI Vice President Kongjoo described herself as a messenger rather than an achiever - to deliver messages / suggestions among 5 national organizations (JCI Hong Kong, JCI Macau, JCI Malaysia, JCI Mongolia, JCI Singapore) to the main office. She said she is always ready to be “inspired”, NOT to “achieve”. She has very high impression of JCIHK members while talking about her expectation on JCIHK members joining JCI Asia-Pacific Area Conference (ASPAC) this year. She opined that JCI Hong Kong is a well-organized chapter, possessing high quality members. In particular, she encouraged more JCI Hong Kong members to reach out and inspire more members from the Asia and the Pacific Region during ASPAC as well as other area conferences.  


Women Leadership

How coincidently, this year we have women leaders in national, area, as well as international level of JCI. JCI President Dawn and JCI Vice President Kongjoo shared their views on women leadership style and motto driving them. 

JCI President Dawn shared that women should be proud of being as women, follow own leadership style, not necessarily to compete with men. Each of us has a unique leadership style, a unique way of interacting with other people, interacting with the world.  Her leadership style is more collaborative, working as a team, understanding each member’s strength, bringing in their strength to build better picture of the jigsaw puzzle.

JCI President Dawn felt everything she does in JCI motivate her.  She was touched when she talked about how much she had received from mentors when she was a new member, growing up through the rains. Now it is her responsibility to allow others to share same opportunity as she did. Her motto is  “Give back, give self” - always have a graceful mind to what we have received, what we can give to others.

In contrast, JCI Vice President Kongjoo mentioned that in her 20 years of jaycee life, along the way, she found her leadership style like “mother caring”, sometimes tough, sometimes soft. JCI Vice President Kongjoo is very down to earth, she believes having sense of humour is an important element of leadership style.  She even joked about “a young lady president’s boyfriend should not have come from the same chapter”.

She framed her moto in short word - “this moment, this chance, never comes again, please don’t let it slip”. A year to lead, a year to serve, this speaks it all.