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JCI Hong Kong Inaugural Ceremony "Best Work of Life"
April 06, 2017

JCI Hong Kong Inaugural Ceremony "Best Work of Life"
JCI Hong Kong's Inaugural Ceremony 2017 was successfully held at the AsiaWorld-Expo on 7 January 2017,
with over 450 attendees.


Bring Together Like-minded Organizations

“Best Work of Life” is one of JCI's core values, which is also JCI Hong Kong's slogan, as well as the theme of the Inaugural Ceremony this year. To echo that, we shared stories of the "Best Work of Life" from more than 10 non-governmental organizations which have cooperated with JCI Hong Kong. This shared value allowed us to strengthen the connections between JCI Hong Kong and other organizations. 

Watch what we say (https://goo.gl/CHQiWr) and share the video with your friends. 

Walk the Talk

"聽其言觀其行" or "Walk the Talk"; this is not only true to understand a person, but also to measure an organization. It is estimated that 960,000 people in Hong Kong are living in poverty, which is about 1/7 of the total population in Hong Kong. Out of all the developed countries in the world, the elderly in Hong Kong are amongst the poorest. 

With an aim to lower the food waste as much as we could, we decided to replace the traditional dinner with a cocktail. We are fortunate to have the choice to eat less. At the same time there are about one million people in Hong Kong who do not have this choice. They are forced to be hungry.


Raising Awareness on Social Issues

Poverty | Climate Change | World Peace

The live performances were to echo three common issues in the world: Poverty, Climate Change and World Peace. To raise awareness about these issues, we had originally invited both local and international artists to share their "Best Work of Life” with us. We had planned to arrange joint performances starring professional artists together with the elderly, disabled people and minority groups in Hong Kong. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the idea of joint performances could not be turned into reality. If we were able to make it happened, it would have made these groups very happy to be able to perform on stage and gain the support and appreciation from our members and guests. 

Watch More: We are the world https://youtu.be/qmjW5Db0Bik

“Best Work of Life” is our core value, and we hope that we can all practise it every moment in our lives. Walk the Talk. We hope you have enjoyed the Inaugural Ceremony.