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TOYP: Empowerment as the Best Work of Life
July 01, 2017


Empowerment is the focus of Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2017 (TOYP).The underlying concept is that being awarded as a TOYP awardee heralds a new beginning for one to share one's achievement, inspire and motivate more young people to unleash their potentials for a better society, rather than simply an ultimate recognition of one's success. As a young past awardee, 2011 Awardee, Francis Ngai, has high hope of youngsters nowadays.


"Many people may not fully understand the mindset of young people but I can feel their passion. While adults may choose to compromise with a social issue, young people may not give way that easily. We used to lecture the young people that to be successful is to earn money and secure a job in renowned firms. However, we can explain that success itself means everyone can fulfil our ideals or goals while contributing to the society, empowering more people to embrace passion and hope in the society."


In his view, it is worthwhile reconsidering the way of tackling an issue, whether to innovate, or overturn and reform. If one feels helpless in addressing the current circumstances, may be a reform is necessary but every problem has a solution, a mindset that social innovation is advocating. For instance, while most of us believe that one must rely on the government for resources, various organizations from the private sector proves that this may not be the case when establishing a social enterprise. This brand new mindset can inspire many young people.


Nominate any outstanding young persons before 22 July.  Download the nomination form from www.jcihk.org/toyp today!


Francis Ngai Wai Sing (魏華星)

2011 Ten Outstanding Young Person

A Hong Kong entrepreneur and venture philanthropist. He is the Founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), a venture philanthropic organisation, and co-founded several Hong Kong social enterprises, including Green Monday.