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Change Maker Forum 2017 – BEST TIME TO GO!
July 06, 2017

CHANGE, a simple word but people don’t want to execute, due to failure and uncertainty.
CHANGE MAKER, the people who grasp the chance to make a difference to their life and thus to the community, as they are unwilling to the present situation.

Since 2010, Change Maker Forum had engaged different celebrities to share how to be a CHANGE MAKER, how to be successful, and give solid recommendations to more than 1,500 young people for making change at a  right time, so as to bring personal and community advancement! 

This year, the  forum was jointly hosted by JCI Peninsula and JCI Tai Ping Shan on 22 May 2017 at The Tsim Sha Tsui District Kaifong Welfare Association on 22 May 2017. Over 330 participants learnt from two distinguished guest speakers, Dr. Daniel Cheng, MH, JP, Chairman of Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Mr Tommy Chan, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades Limited, with Ms Yoee Leung, Co-founder of S.A.C. MC, as the facilitator. The speakers uncovered their own change stories and their impact given to their work and start-up business.