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Sustainable Development Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities
July 16, 2017
The concepts of community development and sustainable development are most debated subjects and of great importance in the future, especially in higher education sector where learners are educated to prepare how to face the challenges for the future and how to develop themselves personally and professionally in a sustainable manner.   Szitar (2014) mentioned that community development is related to sustainability which needs to have stakeholder collaboration, linking up changes with sustainability, adopting interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach in teaching in architectural education, for example case study and PAPSA (Presentation, Analysis, Production, Selection and Application) methods and providing solutions in a holistic manner.

Besides, Harris and Moore (2015) also mentioned that geography and planning engage with simultaneous convergence of sustainable city visions, universal models of best practices and the demonstrable divergence in how these visions and models are adopted in specific contexts (p. 106) He highlighted that potential political responses to addressing the inherent socio-ecological contradictions of urban need to be identified.(p.108)    

Moreover, the author has conducted an analysis on present curriculum of architectural related programmes in Hong Kong, literature (from 1998 to 2012 of Design Intelligent Journal in interdisciplinary network of design, product, and construction leaders exploring global trends, challenges, and opportunities to advance innovation and shape the future of the industry and the environment.) related to sustainability, project management and supply chain management (SCM). A trend leading to sustainability has been identified with the following characteristics:

There is a trend on the importance of management skills, partnership and measurement which is a development of multidisciplinary knowledge with system thinking; and

Hence, it is time to re-think the ways of building and maintaining sustainable cities for our next generation from the perspectives of SDG #4 quality of education, #12 responsible production and consumption and #17 partnership.

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Dr. Shirley Yeung 
Director, Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Innovations (CCSI), Hang Seng Management College
Winner, The 2nd Global Young Leadership Award, Asia Week, 2017
UNPRME Working Group Member on Sustainability Mindset, 2015
Pioneer Professor, AIM2FLOURISH, 2015