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News from JCIHK Alumni Club
July 30, 2017
Yangzhou Trip
(15 - 18 April)

Yangzhou has been well known for its once significant historical role in Chinese history, and was one of the first 24 cities that were declared as the Historical and Cultural Cities in China. Poet Li Pak (李白) cited 煙花三月下揚州, recommending Lunar March as the best season to visit Yangzhou. 

National Alumni Club (NAC) decided to go there during the Easter Holidays. The first activity was shopping at 東關街, an ancient street full of souvenir shops and food stalls. We visited Slim West Lake (瘦西湖), which was a long-shaped lake where ancient emperors would not miss when they travelled to Yangzhou. We took a boat trip on 乾隆號 imagining ourselves to be the ancient emperors.  Another attraction was 大明寺, a historic Buddhist temple with beautiful garden.

The visits to He Garden (何園) and Ge Garden (個園) were indeed the highlights of the trip. It was amazing that the 4 seasons were clearly seen within Ge Garden (one of the 4 best gardens in China) by using excellent landscape gardening techniques.

All 30 participants had an unforgettable and enjoyable trip filled with fine food, drinks, a harmonious atmosphere and lots of fun.

Meeting with Macau Senior Members & Monthly Fellowship Gathering in Macau
(20 April)

JCI Macau, Senior Member Association (SMA) has a long-standing relationship with NAC. On 23 March, our first joint meeting was held successfully. As a gesture of courtesy, SMA invited us to have the 2nd joint meeting at a 1960s restaurant on 20 April. The theme of the evening was “梳打話當年“. We were all brought back to the mood of the 1960s. Ricky Lam 's clear recounting of the history of Macau gave our NAC Executive Committee more knowledge about the historic buildings. He also shared with us some inspiring stories of successful people.

The next joint event, a hiking cum sports activity, will be held on 30 Sept and Alumni Members are invited to join.

NAC & Hiking Fun Joint Activities - Hiking cum Barbecue
(23 April)

On 23 April, we held a Hiking cum Barbecue activity at Bride's Pool with “行山樂“(Hiking Fun) jointly. The hiking route is famous and suits people of all ages. In a concrete jungle like Hong Kong, we all need fresh air badly.  This wholesome activity helped release our pressure and clean up our minds. Hiking is also an excellent exercise to improve our physique.

Though the weather was not good, we enjoyed greatly the wonderful time with Hiking Fun members.

Shunde (順德) Trip
(13 - 14 May)

An outbound trip to Shunde was held successfully on 13 – 14 May. This was the 3rd trip to China organized by NAC this year. The trip was particularly meaningful to all the participating mothers with the theme "Thanks to our Mothers". The organizing committee took great effort to design gimmicks for the celebration of Mother's Day on 14 May. We visited local attractions and museum to understand the Shunde culture. The fine and palatable cuisines of Shunde was a must which we could not afford to miss.

All participants enjoyed the trip so much and left with good memory of Mother's Day and a fun-filled journey.

JCI Asia-Pacific Conference (ASPAC), Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 2017
(8 - 11 June)

232 delegates including over 40 Senior Members from HK attended the 2017 JCI ASPAC Mongolia.

NAC Chairman Jacob Chan hosted the Mongolian lunch on 9 June and Vice Chairman (International Affairs) Eva Leung and her team sourced a terrific restaurant.  Our Hon. Patron Jennifer Yu and 15 senior members enjoyed the excellent dishes especially the mutton pot. 

We could not miss the HK night.  Lots of nostalgic games and food would definitely help us recall our fond childhood memory.

Out of 58 tours, most of the participants were interested in Mongolian exotic wildlife and nomadic culture through horse and camel riding, wild horse performance and overnight stay at Ger camp.

This trip gave all participants a wonderful experience and a golden opportunity to explore the pristine nature and ancient culture of Genghis Khan's (成吉思汗) homeland.