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1ST Star Express Training Camp (3 June 2017)
October 01, 2017

Star Express Training Camp, initiated in 2017, is an intensive training program for members to strengthen Jaycee knowledge, protocol and necessary skills for project management, as well as building friendship among 21 chapters. The 1st Star Express Training Camp is held on 3 June 2017 at Society of Boys’ Centre Hui Chung Sing Memorial School. 35 members from 18 chapters enjoyed this one-day training led by 7 group leaders and 4 trainers.

Shinning BB is the theme of 1st Star Express Training Camp. Head trainer Marisa Choi and her team are the doctors to provide the nutrients and care to our participants, the new born babies. With the suitable and good environment provided by hosting chapters JCI Bauhinia and JCI Tsuen Wan, the new born babies are growing and developing well.

“Learning by doing”, all participants already started their JC journey. With continuous exposure in different areas and unlimited opportunities, our new born babies, as the active citizens, would continue to create positive change to the community, so as to build a better world.

Keep shinning and impacting the community!