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27TH 5-Star Training Camp (8 July - 9 July 2017)
October 02, 2017

The second 5-Star Training Camp, 27th 5-Star Training Camp was successfully held on 8 July - 9 July 2017 at Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. 19 chapters of 44 new members enjoyed an overnight camp with 8 group leaders and 11 trainers. 

“Be the Star of JCI Oscars” (五星夢工場) is the theme of 27th 5-Star Training Camp, hosted by JCI Ocean. Through acting different roles in the movie world, all participants obtained valuable experience and sought for different exposure in JC World. 

Comprehensive and useful trainings conducted by Head Trainer Kenny Lo, Program Manager Hades Ho and 9 Assistant Trainers, “performing with JC elements” are reached to our participants. Thank you for their support and inspirations in making the Training so successful. 

Although this is a 2-day-1-night training, strong relationship bonding are easily observed between participants, group leaders and trainers from 21 local chapters. This bonding will be remained no matter how their JC paths go. 

Let’s be empowered to be Active Citizens, our future JC Star.