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JCIHK Shenguan Business Tour 深莞商務考察團 (30 June 2017)
September 13, 2017
The Shenguan business tour aimed at providing an opportunity for JCIHK members to expand the JC business network in the Mainland China as well as learning about the latest development of parts of Guangdong region. 

To start off the day, we first toured Sinomax, a well-known manufacturer of mattress, the General Manager Ken Lam pointed out that he is passionate about sales; therefore, his company carefully selects their frontline employees who make the whole purchase experience a positive one. 

 2013 National President Paul Wu, second generation of Kwok Tai Screws, shared the latest development of his family business which is transiting into high technology manufacturing process. The family business conducts exchange visit with company in the industry in Mainland China occasionally. Improvement process on making the finest screws efficiently was often discussed.

While the group was dining at Momo’s Kitchen for lunch, two young entrepreneurs, the owners of the restaurant explained that developing relationship with locals definitely smoothened the setup process of their company and it required a lot of effort getting familiarized with the local environment.  

2007 National President Clement Woo, owner of Just Green, a distributor of baby products company, expressed that that a physical store in the mall reinforced his company brand image while an online store is popular business channel among customers nowadays.   

Visiting Boton Group, manufacturer of flavors and fragrance, our members were led by the company representative to tour around the laboratory of a wide range of products. Before we departed, representative of Boton gave each of us a bag of perfume as souvenirs. 

Besides touring several corporates, dining with the members of Shenzhen Youth Federation, Shenzhen Federation of Young Entrepreneurs, and Foresee Cube concluded this one day business tour. During the dinner, members exchanged business contact and cultivated friendship while talking about startup atmosphere and news in Shenzhen.