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"Life Angel" UNSDG Organ Donation Appreciation Program
October 11, 2017
To support the Department of Health, we are now launching the “Life Angel” campaign to promote the message of organ donation to the community so as to enhance public acceptance and the registrants. 

Every organ donation decision can save up to 7 lives. However, only 3% of the Hong Kong adults are registered on the Centralized Organ Donation Register. There are more than 2000 patients in dire needs waiting for organ transplant in Hong Kong.

The objectives of the “Life Angel” UNSDG Organ Donation Appreciation Program are: 
To increase the number of signatory for the “Organ Donation Promotion Chartered” launched by Department of Health
To increase the number of organ donors registered on the Centralized Organ Donation Register
To appreciate those who actively support and spread the message of organ donation 
To increase awareness and information to the public regarding organ donation
To decrease the number of patients and organ transplant wait time in Hong Kong
To support the UNSDG in particular SDG 3 – Good Health and Well being 
To save lives and increase the giving spirit in Hong Kong
To encourage cross-sector participation in this cause

Our promotional activities includes:
Kick Off Ceremony (18 June 2017)
The kick-off ceremony was successfully held on 18 June, Sunday. We have gained numerous media coverage which can raise the public awareness.

Life Angel Organ Donation Appreciation Program (mid June – November 2017):
Corporate, Organizations, Schools and Individuals will be invited to join the program in July to October, to promote organ donation within their community and the ultimate goal is to increase the number of organ donors. Appreciation Ceremony will be held on 19 November 2017 and we will appreciate and present award to those corporate/organizations/schools who actively support organ donation promotion. 

Life Angel Outdoor Promotion Day (8 October 2017):
Outdoor promotion day to raise public’s awareness and undergo education to the public.

Video Promotion: 
Organ transplant recipients and donors will be video-interviewed and broadcast digital channels via our websites and facebook pages.